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Digital Accountability for TV

AT&T AdWorks offers a linear TV addressable advertising solution in its live and playback modes in more than 13 million households nationwide

Marketers who have grown accustomed to digital’s pinpoint targeting and data-driven models can no longer simply depend on TV’s broad reach to possibly deliver an ad to the right consumer—they require greater accountability to prove the value of their TV buys. Addressable TV, which allows advertisers to reach specific target households with relevant ads, brings the precision of digital to TV.

Managing the nation’s largest and longest-running addressable advertising platform, AT&T AdWorks offers a linear TV addressable advertising solution in its live and playback modes in more than 13 million households nationwide. Campaigns are informed by anonymous and aggregated first-party set-top box data and third-party data about specific target audiences.

AT&T AdWorks is committed to addressable TV buys that are seamless and affordable. The company works with marketers to carefully assemble precise zero-waste plans that deliver against true target on TV at scale and measure success across the entire marketing funnel.

In terms of price, while addressable TV CPMs might be higher, the technology’s targeting ability more than offsets those costs so that effective CPMs generate a strong return on their ad spend.

AT&T AdWorks offers advertisers the ability to reach the same audience across TV and mobile.

It is working with mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks on a trial basis to deliver cross-screen addressable TV and mobile advertising—not just look-alike modeling but the ability to reach the same consumers across TV and mobile.

In the trial, advertisers were able to create complementary messages on TV and mobile to take advantage of mobile features such as click-to-call, adding an event to a calendar or receiving relevant coupons, and then measure the campaigns across platforms.

Breakthrough Cross-Screen Results

AT&T Mobility recently ran an addressable campaign that targeted DIRECTV homes that were not AT&T mobile subscribers. By utilizing the power of Addressable TV with the cross-screen extension, the campaign was able to reach DIRECTV homes that were customers of competing carriers and convert them to switch mobile services to AT&T.

Those exposed to the addressable TV ad saw an 18.9 percent lift vs. the control group. There was an additional lift in sales to 26.8 percent when a consumer received an addressable ad on both their TV and mobile screens vs. the control group.


AT&T AdWorks enables advertisers to reach and engage a large audience while measuring response to their ads across screens. It combines the scale of addressable TV advertising with the ability to reach those same audiences across premium mobile
and online video inventory.

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Addressable Advertising
Data-Optimized Advertising
Multi-screen Advertising
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Addressable TV

Enables advertisers to reach specific target households with tailored ads. It is a sophisticated, industry-leading digital technology that reaches audiences in a privacy-compliant manner
at the household level.

TV Blueprint

This audience targeting solution uses advanced data, science and technology to reach specific audiences in the optimal networks and dayparts they are watching. Its predictive-modeling algorithm was developed by AT&T Labs.

Data That’s About Location, Location, Location

Factual’s core data asset is its Global Places data, which provides information on where non-residential places—local businesses or points of interest—are in 50 countries

Factual focuses on location data for the mobile world—data about places across the globe and data that reveals a deeper understanding of people based on their geographic behavior.

The company works with mobile app developers to incorporate location data into their apps and helps advertisers deliver relevant ads. Major app partners include Apple Maps, Facebook Places and Microsoft Bing.

Factual’s core data asset is its Global Places data, which provides information on where non-residential places—local businesses or points of interest—are in 50 countries. It currently covers more than 95 million places and is constantly updating as businesses open, close and change.

Factual differentiates itself from its competitors in three ways.

First is its data quality—it builds its own proprietary places data, a fundamental ingredient to mobile targeting.

Second is transparency. All of Factual’s Global Places data is publicly visible and searchable on its website. Additionally, its mobile advertising UIs promote transparency by showing customers exactly what they will be targeting.

Finally, Factual is a neutral data company. It doesn’t provide end-user services that compete with its customers, it doesn’t buy or sell media and it doesn’t build its own apps. As a result, its location data and targeting capabilities are available through most major media platforms.

Additionally, because of its neutrality, its partners often contribute data back to Factual, giving it the ability to build data at a scale similar to the largest tech platforms.

Factual Raises $35M

Late last year, Factual raised $35 million in Series B funding, bringing its total funding to $62 million. It will use the funds to scale and enhance its core data engineering capabilities, its sales and marketing efforts and to fuel international expansion.

Investors participating in this round include: Altpoint Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Data Collective, Haystack Partners, Heritage Group, Index Ventures, Miramar Ventures, Tamarisk Global and Upfront Ventures, as well as individual investors Saif Mansour, Michael Ovitz and Tom Unterman.


Factual is a neutral data company on a mission to make data accessible to anyone that needs it, in an effort to fuel innovation.

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Measurement & Analytics

Jaclyn Frattali
Marketing & Events Manager
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Geopulse Audience

Custom audience targeting based on Factual’s unique contextual understanding of mobile users’ real-world behavior.

Geopulse Proximity

Allows targeting of mobile users at or near places (local business and points of interest) in 50 countries.

A Unified View of the Customer

Oracle Data Cloud provides access to more than 2 billion global consumer profiles

Customers use more devices than ever before, across more channels, interacting with brands online and offline. Yet the data from these interactions is often siloed, preventing brands from having a fully holistic view of customer behavior.

Oracle Data Cloud solves this fragmentation challenge by aggregating, analyzing and activating consumer data into one unified solution.

Powered by Oracle ID Graph, Oracle Data Cloud solutions create cross-channel consumer understanding so that marketers and advertisers know more about who their customers are, what they do, where they go and what they buy. Marketers can achieve a level of personalization and relevance like never before.

With Oracle ID Graph, marketers can be confident that they are reaching the right individual accurately across all their touchpoints. It connects more than 90 percent of U.S. online consumers through active cookies, mobile IDs, emails, registrations and social IDs. Data can be activated seamlessly across devices (desktop, mobile, TV) and channels (offline and online).

Oracle Data Cloud audiences include Oracle AddThis, Oracle Curated and Oracle Datalogix—along with more than 50 third-party providers. Oracle Data Cloud provides access to more than
2 billion global consumer profiles, 110 million U.S. households, $3 trillion in consumer transactions and more than 1,500 data partners.

In addition, Oracle Data Cloud offers more than 45,000 pre-built audiences spanning demographic, behavioral, business-to-business, online, offline and transactional data via the BlueKai Marketplace.

Oracle Data Cloud believes that great marketing requires smart data to increase the impact of campaigns and drive real results.

Deep Vertical Expertise

Oracle Data Cloud has rich expertise and a wide range of solutions for key industry verticals: Retail, CPG, Automotive, Telecom, Technology and Business-to-Business.

The solution is currently being used by 26 of the top CPG brands, 13 of the top retail brands and eight of the top auto manufacturers, as well as a number of top U.S. banks, tech providers, travel brands and wireless telcos.

Prominent clients using Oracle Data Cloud include Intel, Dr Pepper, Heineken, Dell, Pepsico, Lenovo, Kraft, Silver Star Brands and Ford.


Through its suite of owned brands AddThis, BlueKai and Datalogix, Oracle Data Cloud delivers the most accurate global data set to help organizations connect to their target audiences, personalize every interaction and measure the effectiveness of each engagement.

Oracle DataCloud
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Measurement & Analytics

Oracle Data Cloud


Oracle Data Cloud

The largest, most accurate global Data as a Service solution with access to 2 billion global consumer profiles, $3 trillion in consumer transactions and more than 1,500 data partners.

It is fully integrated with every major media company, including publisher exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs and agency-trading desks.

Better Mobile Targeting with Exclusive Carrier Data

Persistent data feeds provide an average of 260 location events per user per day

Successful mobile campaigns reach audiences with the highest propensity to take the action you want. Pinsight Media works with major brands, agencies and several mobile operators globally to deliver highly targeted mobile media campaigns.

It starts with an audience panel of 32 million mobile users, combining first-party data with web and app data to uncover users’ actual habits and brand affinities. The result: distinct personas that are precisely targeted to achieve maximum campaign ROI.

The Pinsight Data Management Platform (DMP) ingests data from over 30 unique sources. Audiences are then built based on web browser usage and app habits, including app installs and uninstalls. Persistent data feeds provide an average of 260 location events per user per day, significantly higher than others that use app/GPS location data to derive location.

Finally, first-party data is verified—to open a mobile account, customers must show a valid ID and proof of billing address to confirm their credit rating and age.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint, Pinsight has roots as an app publisher. Its exclusive supply includes apps such as 1Weather, a top-rated weather app in the Google Play store.

As a result, Pinsight works with major publishers to monetize their apps and maximize revenues.

Pinsight also works with brands to boost user acquisition and meet custom campaign goals with unique on-device ad units.

Putting the Data to Work

An example of Pinsight’s Fluid Audiences methodology can be seen in its utilization of persistent location data. Identifying consumers who travel 200+ miles outside their home market with an overnight stay in another city is the foundation for a traveler persona.

Specific data points include car vs. air travel based on the calculated speed, as well as day of the week, seasonality and frequency of their trips. Location data is then combined with app usage, installs and uninstalls and browsing data to establish behavioral correlations.

Lastly, Pinsight uses verified demographic information to better identify and segment travelers. For example, there is a much lower chance that a 19-year-old is a business traveler compared to a 35-year-old.


Pinsight Media is a mobile data company committed to connecting brands with audiences through data-driven mobile media solutions.

Pinsight Media
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Advertising Platform

Lauren King

GM, Sales
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Fluid Audiences

Leverages Pinsight’s exclusive first-party data for scaled accuracy, targeting only the most relevant audience.

Exclusive Inventory

App portfolio that includes some of the most popular, top-rated apps in Google Play and the App Store.

Pinsight for Publishers

Suite of monetization solutions for mobile app publishers.

Giving Advertisers More Control and Performance

SteelHouse also offers zero-margin media buys via a transparent platform CPM

Founded by veteran marketers, SteelHouse has become one of the fastest-growing companies in advertising due in large part to the SteelHouse Advertising Suite, a cloud-based advertising platform that creates the ultimate personalized brand-customer experience for marketers.

Built to achieve results across retargeting, prospecting, social and mobile campaigns, the Advertising Suite allows marketers to set campaign priority, build segments, manage escalation, A/B test and get superior analytics—all from one beautiful user interface.

In an industry first, SteelHouse also offers zero-margin media buys via a transparent platform CPM. This provides unprecedented insight into performance as well as greater control over advertising spend.

The SteelHouse Advertising Suite features some of the most detailed analytics in the industry for complete transparency into clicks, conversions and spend—all with visual reports that are presentation-ready.

The suite also features an adaptive ad server that allows for real-time optimization. With real-time segmentation, marketers can target unlimited audience segments based on first-party data such as purchase patterns, device, search terms, location and more.

The company also offers SteelHouse Creative Suite, an interactive Ad Builder and Creative Library that gives anyone the power to create beautiful ads in minutes. The Ad Builder allows users to develop their own ads with step-by-step guidance, while the Creative Library is a gallery of professionally designed creative available for quick edits and implementation.

Over 500 brands are currently using the SteelHouse marketing platform, including Getty Images, Roots, Oakley, Rosetta Stone and Staples.

SteelHouse Triples Revenue

SteelHouse has been on a rapid growth trajectory. It closed 2015 at a $130 million revenue run rate, and its year-over-year growth was 170 percent.

This followed a $49 million financing round let by Mercato Ventures, which joined Greycroft Partners and other leading VCs that previously invested $24 million.

SteelHouse has remained profitable for more than two years, proving that fast growth and profitability can be achieved at the same time.

steelhouse 10.58.37 AM

SteelHouse is a data-driven advertising software company that delivers innovative, performance-based advertising solutions to brands, agencies and direct marketers. Its cloud-based suite is used by premium brands worldwide to create personalized experiences. 

3644 Eastham Drive
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Advertising Platform

Kimberly Small

Senior Director, Marketing
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SteelHouse Advertising Suite

Cloud-based platform that lets advertisers manage all facets of their campaigns.

SteelHouse Creative Suite

A groundbreaking creative tool that gives anyone the power to create beautiful ads in minutes.

SteelHouse Retargeting

Gives advertisers a way to reach engaged audiences after they have left their site.

SteelHouse Prospecting

A way to use mulitple tactics to get campaigns in front of high-potential prospects.

YuMe: A Digital Video Innovator

YuMe’s full-stack programmatic platform goes beyond automating media transactions to provide true multi-screen audiences and preemptive brand safety

As a pioneer in digital video, YuMe has a 10-year history of innovation as one of the first companies to execute multi-screen video campaigns at scale.

Most recently, it has been leading the industry in tapping the full potential of Connected TV with best-in-class solutions to engage and monetize consumers in the connected living room.

YuMe is uniquely positioned in the marketplace as a full-stack, customizable solution, serving brand advertisers and publishers alike with its programmatic offering, as well as with traditional multi-screen buying methods.

YuMe’s full-stack programmatic platform goes beyond automating media transactions to provide true multi-screen audiences and preemptive brand safety.

YuMe utilizes first-party data captured by its data science techniques to aggregate, analyze and segment audiences. These audiences yield insights for publishers and advertisers on behavioral, demographic and psychographic mindsets of video viewers, thus improving monetization and driving more effectively targeted ads.

Defining audiences by platform, their behaviors and performance, YuMe’s technology “learns” and increases the value of every impression. This approach allows advertisers and publishers to monetize endemic and non-endemic audiences.

It extends beyond simple demographics by defining audiences around more pertinent attributes related to buying behavior, personal preferences and offline activities.

For instance, audiences can be defined by their affinity for a brand, voting preferences, attitudes, TV viewing habits, technology adoption, values and media streaming habits. This helps define and provide audiences that matter.

A Legacy of Being First-in-Market

YuMe continues to innovate and expand its global audience reach and impact. It launched its full-stack programmatic video marketplace, and has added an Outstream solution so publishers can monetize non-video content.

YuMe has also paved the way in thought leadership for the industry, conducting global research studies that further the understanding of key issues in the business including: driving multi-screen effectiveness, ad lengths and engagement.

YuMe’s product suite was created with multi-screen audience reach in mind from the get-go, so its programmatic offering and product evolution is truly an extension of that philosophy.


YuMe is a provider of global audience technologies, curating relationships between brand advertisers and consumers of premium video content.

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Demand-Side Platform
Supply-Side Platform
Data & Analytics

Stephanie Gaines

VP, Corporate Marketing
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YuMe for Advertisers

Provides brand advertisers with audience reach at scale, proactive brand safety and access to a suite of branding products.

YuMe for Publishers

Provides publishers with a full suite of monetization solutions and awareness of key revenue drivers.


Enables video experiences outside of traditional video content.

CTV Focus

Enables brands to extend their reach with engaged audiences across a range of connected devices.